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Artists – You Need A Business Plan!

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Creative Artists Agency

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By creating a business plan, of course! That’s why we’ve come up with an outline for artists to follow, so you can better understand your art business and develop a step-by-step strategy for success. The Right-Brain Business Plan: A Creative, Visual Map for Success [Jennifer Lee, Kate Prentiss, Chris Guillebeau] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers.

Turn Passionate Ideas into Profitable Enterprises Do you dream of making a living doing what you love but find the process of creating a viable business plan like trying to fit a square peg into a round hole?

REWORK — our New York Times bestselling book about business. Most business books give you the same old advice: write a business plan, study the competition, seek investors, yadda yadda. Creative Artists Agency LLC or CAA is an American talent and sports agency based in Los Angeles, is regarded as a dominant and influential company in the talent agency business and manages numerous prestigious clients.

About Neil McKenzie. Neil McKenzie is an author, educator and consultant to artists and arts organizations. He is the author of The Artist’s Business and Marketing ToolBox – How to Start, Run and Market a Successful Arts or Creative Business available in softcover from Barnes & Noble and Amazon and as an eBook from iTunes, Amazon and Barnes & Noble.

Business plan for artists book
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