Business planning for cultural heritage institutions for the disabled

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With an Eye to the Past

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Building and Planning Department

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Neighborhood & Community Arts grant

BUSINESS PLAN HERITAGE DAY 1. NAME OF THE EVENT Celebrating Heritage Day in South Africa. abrasiverock.comPTION OF THE EVENT The Department of Arts and Culture, in view of its mandate for hosting Heritage Day, will take the lead in arranging the event, on behalf of Government, together with the Government departments, Provinces and other role-players listed below.

and Other Cultural Institutions Building an Emergency Plan THE GETTY CONSERVATIONINSTITUTE.

Services & Programs

Building an Emergency Plan Museums—Management—Planning— and preservation of the world’s cultural heritage for the enrichment and use of present and future generations.

The Institute is. The committee deals with land planning and Dr Keitumetse is instrumental in ensuring that conventional land planning tools take cognizance of cultural landscapes and communities’ cultural heritage in areas earmarked for development planning.

Ask someone from the Business Continuity speak about COOP (continuity of operations) planning for cultural institutions. Even though you may be a nonprofit, you are still a business. AFR Miami COOP Fact Sheet (PDF) Gain a “seat” for cultural heritage at the municipal Emergency Operations Center.

THE KARACHI BUILDING & TOWN PLANNING REGULATIONS, [Karachi the April 04, ] Notification No. SO(Land)HTP/KBCA/ In exercise of the powers conferred.

Business Planning for Cultural Heritage Institutions Business planning for cultural heritage institutions for the disabled
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