Car dealership bdc business plan

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Here is How You Structure a Pay Plan for a Hot Mess BDC

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The BDC Blueprint: The Basic Materials To Build Business

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Integrity Auto Sales will sell top-quality used cars at a competitive price. There is a real need for a highly professional used car dealer who can provide quality vehicles at competitive prices, in a pleasant purchasing environment. /5(51). I have clients using this plan with great BDC Agents who are driving legitimate shows each per month (with about leads per person, per month) and they’re earning $60, – $70,/year per BDC Agent, and the dealers could not be happier.

Your BDC Pay Plan To properly compensate your business development center, you must set expectations for your manager and agents and design a pay plan that will motivate and reward them. My dealership is a 3 car AutoGroup, we do internet sales for all 3.

We have 5 reps and our manager. We work as a team, so no matter who.

The BDC Blueprint: The Basic Materials To Build Business

Ask The Manager. Leadership Development & Management Training. you’re either looking to add a Business Development Center (aka BDC) or trying to find ways to make your current BDC more successful?

Then and only then can you look to your BDC as a developer of business that feeds your dealership a steady stream of ready buyers. We will work onsite with dealership management, sales/service staff, the receptionist, and the BDC team to implement lead flow management and business development processes throughout the dealership to create a culture where BDC can thrive.

With a pure Dealership BDC-to-Floor Sales relationship, I like to structure a simple pay plan that allows for % “at risk” compensation. Here's an example for you.

Car dealership bdc business plan
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