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But what is also useful once you better it, is not quite easy to learn. Small Groups, Big Impact [Jim Egli and Dwight Marable] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Why do some small groups thrive and grow while others struggle and falter?

The authors have surveyed over group leaders in more than churches. Their findings will place practical/5(12). Why do some small groups grow and multiply and others don't?

Is there some activity or set of activities a small-group leader can do to increase the. List of Atlanta area rescues, both mixed and purebred dogs and cats, as well as horses and exotics and pigs, veterinary resources and other services.

By joining a small group, you have the opportunity to know Christ better, experience Him deeper and love Him more as you connect with others in community.

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Nov 14,  · There are different types of Small Groups at World Outreach Church, but they share the same components: mutual care, growth, encouragement and fellowship. Learn about the different types of groups in the section below.

Small groups
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