Small towns water supply and sanitation

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Haiti – Sustainable Rural and Small Towns Water and Sanitation Project - Additional Financing

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Water supply and sanitation in Ghana

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Ghana: Small Towns Water Supply and Sanitation Project

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This project is called the “Small Towns Water Supply and Sanitation Project” (STWSSP). The Department of Water Supply and Sewerage (DWSS) is the implementing agency and the Ministry of Urban Development is the policy making. Cardone R A () Experiences with innovative financing: small town water supply and sanitation service delivery (Meeting development goals in small urban centres: water and sanitation in the world’s cities).

UN-Habitat. Mugabi J A (December ) Managing water services in small towns: challenges and reform issues for low-income countries. Sanitation in Small Towns: Experience from Mozambique comprehensive programme that involved water supply, sanitation and hygiene, and capacity building at local level, so that the towns would in small towns sanitation: institutional capacity building, demand stimulation, service supply.

The Third Small Town Water Supply and Sanitation Sector Project is providing the services to small towns with a population of 5, to 40, that show the potential for growth by having access to roads, power supply and telecommunications.

Small Towns Water Supply and Sanitation Sector Project: Project Number: Urban district centers and villages with populations from 2, to 20, people are classified as small towns. Inadequate water supply and poor environmental conditions in these small towns results in poor health, lost work and school days, and more household.

Overview: The Integrated Small Towns Water Supply and Sanitation Program aims to increase access, quality and sustainability of water supply and sanitation services in twelve (12) towns located in four Provinces served by Western, Luapula and Chambeshi Water & Sewerage Companies as well.

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Increasing Access to Water Supply and Promoting Sanitation in Rural Haiti