The business plan of jesus

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24 Bible Verses That Will Change The Way You Do Business

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DOING BUSINESS GOD’S WAY: 4 cornerstones and 3 key principles

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He prefaces us to live in the tenacity of the blessing. This lesson introduces students to Jesus of Nazareth. Students will re-enact the events in Jesus's life and create artwork about His life and. Jesus never insisted on having his own way, and I hope and pray that those who are non-believers, do not give up on Jesus or his principles of leadership because of wrongs of His people.

The Principles of Leadership that we see from the life of Jesus can apply to any kind of leadership there is. God's business plan requires (with Father God's help) that we: discern our job description, undergo training, then, work hard.

As the parable of the sower illustrates, True Wealth is the result of entering God's labor force equipped and empowered to produce long-term fruit.

Six days after this, Jesus took Peter, Jim, and John with him to the top of a high mountain. While they were there alone, right before their eyes, Jesus changed. His clothes lit up, a brighter white than in a bleach commercial. Elijah and Moses appeared from nowhere and were talking with Jesus.

The Jesus Calls Business Blessing Plan was divinely revealed by the Holy Spirit to Dr. Paul Dhinakaran, to pray for the welfare of people’s businesses, for prosperity.

As God reveals in detail His principles to you, a traditional business plan must follow to maintain the business idea.

Jesus, the Business Man

Remember, “Give to Caesar what belongs to Caesar, and give to God what belongs to God.” I request God in Jesus Christ bless my business, i What must I do?

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The business plan of jesus
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